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Isabel George

author journalist feature writer public relations

Isabel George's first five books reflect a passion for accounts of animal bravery in war.

Dog Soldiers - Love, loyalty and sacrifice on the front line Sunday Times Top 20

Dog Soldiers tells the story of two brave young ‘dog soldiers’ (Army bomb dog handlers), Lance Corporal Kenneth Rowe and Lance Corporal Liam Tasker killed in action in Afghanistan with their dogs by their side, through the inspirational words of their mothers, Lyn Rowe and Jane Duffy.

A book for children Animals at War relates the stories of how so many members of the animal kingdom have accompanied men and women into war. From Hannibal marching elephants over the Alps to dolphins detecting underwater explosive devices, animals have served too. But of all the animals enlisted for combat the dog has remained the most faithful and frequent companion.

In Sunday Times best selling books The Dog that Saved My Life and in Beyond the Call of Duty canine courage is celebrated through the telling of five individual stories from both World Wars and more recent conflicts in Bosnia , Iraq and Afghanistan . In each story the partnerships represent all the courage, loyalty and love that can exist in a relationship tested by the horror of war. A triumph over hostility and adversity. Stories to truly inspire.

Buster - The Dog who saved a thousand lives is a Sunday Times Number 1 best seller. It tells of how thousands of lives have been saved by this spaniel. He is a best friend in dog’s clothing. An RAF dog with his mossy feet firmly on the ground. A brave dog who has served his colleagues and his country with unstinting devotion. A dog in a million.

A writer and journalist Isabel's work has appeared in the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Guardian Weekend… various pet magazines and women's consumer magazines such as Living and SHE.


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